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31 Bits Designs

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31 Bits Designs is a socially minded accessories company that began with a trip to Uganda. While in Northern Uganda, the founder met women who were creating beautiful paper beads, but unfortunately lacked a plan to market their product. After spending some time with these women in their homes and learning their stories, she knew that there had to be a way to give these women opportunities, and she was determined to find it. With a box of jewelry in hand and passion for a plan, she headed back to the U.S., and spent the next year making plans and strategizing over her development plan. Eventually, with the help of some friends, 31 Bits Designs was born. In regards to the 31 Bits Designs team, initially there were six Ugandan women selected to purchase goods from on a monthly basis. Today there are 99 women that make up the team of Thirty One Bits designers, each with a different story of struggle and suffering that has been overcome with success, liberation, and joy. 31 Bits jewelry uses both fashion and design to help these women rise above poverty, and turn their scarcity into abundance. When chosen as a regular designer, these women are immediately given consistent and fair income. 31 Bits Designs jewelry is handmade using 100% recycled paper, and other materials local to Uganda. Their pieces are highly unique, colorful, classic, and fun. We are especially excited to feature 31 Bits necklaces. The Waverly Necklace is made with a single strand of medium-sized beads, attached to fabric made of 100% cotton. In addition to that necklace, we sell the Humming Burst Necklace, which is a gorgeous single strand necklace that features a cluster of saucer-shaped beads at the center. also features the 31 Bits Designs Daphne Bracelet, which comes in a wide assortment of colors, and is absolutely perfect for collecting and stacking. We invite you to shop with meaning, and enjoy the wonderful work of 31 Bits Designs.

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