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Adia Kibur

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Adia Kibur jewelry is made from the finest available materials, and is hand crafted into the most exquisite pieces of wearable designs for both special occasions and more casual situations. Established in 1997, this line has a left a mark on women’s jewelry with bold colors, unique designs, the use of soft fabrics/materials, and highly transitional pieces. The creative director of Adia Kibur accessories distills her unique vision into this collection, and aims to push the boundaries of material explorations and truly artisan craftsmanship in jewelry design. This influence is clearly demonstrated in each piece of this line. Adia Kibur accessories have been featured in numerous magazines, including US Weekly, Marie Claire, Real Simple, and Glamour. An Adia Kibur necklace was featured on the Today show as well. The pieces we feature on are some of our favorite Adia Kibur bracelets. The Braided Leather Bracelet adds a nice pop to any casual look. This bracelet features braided leather woven with colorful string and a chain. This one goes well worn along, or stacked with others that you may have of similar style. We also feature the Braided Suede and Chain Bracelet, which is made of suede braided with plated gold and gunmetal link chain. This line is constantly innovating itself. This is especially true with the Adia Kibur earrings, which are consistently unique, bold, colorful, and classic. These earrings can completely change an outfit, and make it pop and sparkle in the most wonderful ways. This jewelry is crafted with the customer in mind, and the founder is committed to understanding her client base to the best of her ability before embarking on a design concept. She says, “Only with the complete paint strokes of the character, do we have the audacity to begin the design process.” And we think that’s pretty fantastic. So stock up on Adia Kibur braided bracelets today, and add that perfect pop of color to your look.

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