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Be Present

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Be Present started out as a company that designed clothing for yogis and yoga instructors. It has now evolved into a company that is grounded in the experience of yoga, but made for anyone that values versatile, simple, and ultra comfortable clothing. Be Present is a grassroots company that is family owned, and finds inspiration from their strong will to create a line that is both stylish and vibrant. This clothing line is literally a way of life for the people behind Be Present. While incorporating the yoga philosophy into their design, this line has set the standard for versatile, agile, and highly mobile yoga pants. Be Present pants are designed to withstand the wear and tear of the streets as well as the yoga studio. The Be Present Agility Pant is made of lightweight, breathable Breathe Weave Fabric. This fabric has set the new standard in wicking fiber. This material will keep you dry regardless of how much sweat your yoga session creates. This is a fabric that has been proved to easily handle the hottest yoga class, and the most intense stretch. The high performance blend of cotton, nylon, and Spandex literally wick sweat away from the body, while the fabric dries quickly, and provides enough give for easy movement. In addition to the great fabric, this pant offers a drawstring waistband, front patch pockets, and back slits and darts at the knee, which provides a highly comfortable fit. The Mobility Pants offers all of the same wonderful features, but has a slit on the side of leg, rather than at the back. As the company continues to evolve as a rooted line for the yogic lifestyle, it will remain accessible to all who value high quality, stylish, and active clothing. This brand has consistently been on the forefront of creativity and originality in the yoga world. Please shop this collection, and make one of their great pieces one of your own today.

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