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Dicks Cottons is a lifestyle accessory and clothing brand that keeps fun and happiness at the forefront of their operation, and at, we love that. Not only did we embrace their “be happy. live comfortably.” slogan, but we quickly fell in love with their product line as well. It’s hard not to be completely smitten with a line like Dicks Cottons clothing. The founder of Dicks Cottons got his start in fashion when he made tee shirts to promote a friend’s music on Cape Cod. The tee shirts sold out in one day, which is when he decided to start his own line. After some classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and the creation of a few pieces, his line quickly became popular amongst his friends. This popularity eventually spread to friends of friends, to strangers, and then to celebrities. Their Jersey Shore sunglasses, which were worn by nearly every member of the cast during the show, are some of the most stylish sunglasses available. Gisele Bundchen, Jason Mraz, and Keenan Cahill have also been spotted wearing Dicks Cottons sunglasses and hats. We are obsessed with their Trapper Hats, which we carry in eight different colors. These hats are an essential accessory for cold weather, and will ensure stylish warmth during those brisk winter months. These hats are made of faux-fur and polyester, and come only in one size, which will fit most. An adjustable bottom strap is available for an option on those highly windy, blustery days for a more secure fit. The signature Dicks Cottons stick figure is stitched on the front of the hat, with the full logo on the back. Please dry clean only. This brand celebrates those who enjoy life, tell stories, and enjoy partying with friends. The founder’s mantra has always been that “life is all about the stories”. So shop for your must-have Trapper Hat today, and go out and create some stories!

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