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There are many factors that contribute to eco friendly yoga clothing lines, and all are equally important to us at We are thrilled to be carrying lines that not only support a more sustainable planet, but also support ethical and socially responsible business practices, while providing our customers with comfortable, stylish active wear that they can feel proud to wear. Being able to decrease your carbon footprint with something as simple as your clothing choices is a big win for all. Yoga is a way of life and a state of mind that is based on core principles of spirituality and health. Eco friendly initiatives land perfectly in line with these principles, which is why we are dedicated to offering organic clothing lines. Green yoga lifestyle clothing is created with best practice manufacturing. Our green yoga designers use eco-conscious materials whenever possible, and use the least amount of plastic that they can when it comes to packaging, and make every effort to recycle materials like boxes, packing materials, hangers, etc. While we are committed to providing eco friendly options, we will never lose sight of providing comfortable and high-performance active wear for our customers. A few of the lines that help us accomplish this are Raw Earth Wild Sky, Beckons, 4-rth, AUM, Positive Thought Brand, PrAna, and Hard Tail Green. We even offer recycled mats! At Yoga Clothing, we are dedicated to all things health, and we feel that eco friendly clothing plays a large part in the full picture of organic health not only for us, but also for our planet. We understand that spiritual and environmental consciousness go hand in hand. It is important to know and understand where our clothing comes from and how it is made. With our eco friendly lines, we want you to be comfortable, feel good, and look fashionable while supporting the sustainability of our planet.