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Although not scientifically proven, we at are convinced that seeing the word “SALE” immediately releases endorphins in shoppers. These “happy chemicals” support overall health and wellbeing, so we just love being able to offer sale pricing on some of our most popular items. We already offer highly competitive deals, and when we can offer an additional discount, we’re all smiling. Our sale selection changes often, but you can always find amazing brands like Hard Tail, Anjali, Scorch, Paula Bianco, Sugarlips, and Stela 9 featured at any given time. Yoga Clothing sales are the perfect opportunity to stock up. Need a great pair of pants for yoga class? Try the Hard Tail Splatter Rollover. This pant features a splatter/tie dye design at the rollover waist. The great thing about the rollover waist is that curves are kept in all the right places, and the fit of the pant is literally adjustable at the waist, depending on how you choose to roll them down. You can also find great tanks like the Sugarlips Seamless Ribbed Tank Top in seven fantastic colors in our sale section. This tank is form fitting, incredibly comfortable, and is made with the softest of fabrics. It looks great when worn alone, or as a layering piece. If cared for properly with hand washing, this tank will be highly durable, and will last a very long time in your wardrobe. It is a quality product that every woman should own. We must not forget the accessories! We have a generous selection of sale bags, watches, earrings, bracelets, scarves, and necklaces. The Paula Bianco Frayed Infiniti Scarf is the perfect accessory to wear to the yoga studio when it’s chilly outside. This unfinished knitted circle scarf can be wrapped and worn in numerous ways. So please enjoy our sale section, and shop it quickly and frequently, as our selection is always changing.
Heart Charm Necklace Z Designs $18.00 $15.00 Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace Z Designs $18.00 $15.00 Gold Hammered Infinity Earrings Z Designs $24.00 $20.00 Silver Western Earring Post Set Z Designs $18.00 $15.00 Mixed Metal Shapes Bracelet Z Designs $18.00 $15.00 Thin Leather and Bar Snap Bracelet Z Designs $22.00 $18.00 Infinity Scarf in Smoke Paula Bianco $74.00 $54.00 Infinity Scarf in Black/Cream Paula Bianco $72.00 $54.00 Infinity Scarf in Indigo/Cream Paula Bianco $72.00 $54.00 Lovers Zida Bracelet Jenny Bird $65.00 $52.00 Lovers Zida Bracelet Jenny Bird $65.00 $52.00 Lovers Zida Bracelet Jenny Bird $65.00 $52.00 Frayed Infinity Scarf in Red Paula Bianco $75.00 $54.00 Frayed Infinity Scarf In Chocolate Paula Bianco $75.00 $54.00 Druzy Pendant Necklace Yochi $118.00 $82.00 Goldmine Bracelet Yochi $118.00 $82.00 Criss Cross Shirred Bra with Contrasting Mesh So Low $59.00 $29.00 Crop Pant with Mesh Pockets So Low $102.00 $51.00 Short with Welt Pocket So Low $66.00 $33.00 Tie Dye Hot Yoga Short So Low $53.00 $32.00 Tie Dye V-Back Cami So Low $88.00 $62.00 Tri Colorblock Short So Low $59.00 $36.00 The Centarus Ring Vanessa Mooney $140.00 $98.00 The Enchanter Necklace Vanessa Mooney $170.00 $102.00 The Luminescence Necklace Vanessa Mooney $115.00 $88.00 The Luminescence Necklace Vanessa Mooney $115.00 $88.00 The Lightning in the Sky Necklace Vanessa Mooney $110.00 $66.00 Masquerade Clear Statement Necklace Vanessa Mooney $195.00 $120.00 Dreams of Distant Places Earrings Vanessa Mooney $125.00 $75.00 Dreams of Distant Places Earrings Vanessa Mooney $125.00 $75.00 The Enchanter Cuff Vanessa Mooney $195.00 $117.00 Rhinestone Skull Pull Tie Bracelet $21.00 $16.00 Rhinestone Skull Pull Tie Bracelet $21.00 $16.00